Prevalence of Anemia in Adolescent Boys and Girls in Tamil Nadu - An Interim Analysis (June 2023 - October 2023)


Abstract INTRODUCTION : Anemia is a significant global public health concern, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, affecting adolescents' well-being and development. This study aims to assess the prevalence and severity of anemia among adolescents in Tamil Nadu, India, with a focus on identifying regional disparities and aligning the findings with existing national and state-level data. OBJECTIVES : The study seeks to determine the prevalence and severity of anemia among adolescent boys and girls in Tamil Nadu, analyze the distribution of anemia across demographic and socio-economic variables, and make recommendations for targeted interventions. MATERIALS AND METHODS : This secondary data study involves ongoing anemia detection camps conducted in Tamil Nadu from May 2023 to April 2024. Data was collected from 2127 Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and local schools and colleges. Blood samples were analyzed using cell counters to categorize anemia severity, and data was recorded in Excel spreadsheets for analysis. RESULTS : The study reveals that 56% of adolescent girls and 41% of adolescent boys in Tamil Nadu have been identified with anemia, reflecting significant regional variations. Interim analysis shows that 10,290 girls and 2,316 boys have been identified with severe anemia, and efforts are underway to address their conditions. Comparisons with national and state-level data indicate alignment with existing prevalence rates. CONCLUSION : The study underscores the persistent challenge of anemia among adolescents in Tamil Nadu. Targeted interventions, improved healthcare access, nutritional education, public awareness campaigns, and interdisciplinary collaboration are recommended to address this public health concern effectively. Collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals, educators, and policymakers are vital to enhance adolescent well-being. KEYWORDS : Anemia, Adolescents, Prevalence, Severity, Tamil Nadu, India, Public Health, Targeted Interventions, Healthcare, Nutrition, Public Awareness

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